How the Mill Works
Nov 27, 2018

The grinder consists of a mainframe, an analyzer, a blower, a finished cyclone separator, a piping device, a motor, etc. The main part is composed of rack, inlet worm shell, shovel knife, grinding roller, grinding ring, shell and motor.

Auxiliary equipment has jaw crusher, dustpan hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electronic control cabinets, etc., users can choose according to the situation in the field flexibly.

How it works: After the material has been crushed to the desired granularity, by the hoist to send the material to the storage hopper, and then through the vibration feeder will be uniform and continuous feed into the Raymond Mill main Mill, due to the centrifugal force during rotation, the grinding roller swinging outward, pressing on the grinding ring, shovel knife shovel material sent between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, due to the rolling of the grinding roller to achieve crushing purposes. After grinding the fine powder with the blower circulation wind is brought into the analysis machine for sorting, fine through the coarse material drop back and heavy grinding, qualified fine powder with the airflow into the finished Cyclone collector, through the powder pipe discharge, that is, the finished product.

In the Ramon grinding room because of the grinding materials have a certain amount of water, grinding heat, water evaporation, as well as the whole machine pipeline interface is not strict, external gas is inhaled, so that the circulation pressure increases, to ensure that the mill in the negative pressure state of operation, the increased airflow through the residual duct into the dust collector, purified back into the atmosphere.

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