Introduction of vertical Pendulum series Milling Machine
Nov 27, 2018

Vertical Pendulum Series Grinder is based on the traditional Ramon Mill on the basis of technological innovation, the mill's technical indicators year-on-year traditional Raymong have been greatly improved, is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving Raymong. Vertical pendulum grinder is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, marble, talc, Gypsum, barite, Ying Stone, zeolite, manganese ore, pyrite, phosphate ore, bentonite, starch, kaolin and other hardness in Mohs level seven below, humidity below 6% humidity non-flammable, explosive materials, The fineness is arbitrarily adjusted between the 0.18-0.015 (80-800 mesh) and is the replacement product of the R-type pendulum mill.

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