Structural characteristics of Milling Machine
Nov 27, 2018

1, three-dimensional structure, small footprint, strong complete sets, from the block expected finished powder independent self-into a production system; 

2, finished powder fineness uniform, screen rate of 99%, which is difficult to have other grinding equipment; 

3, the machine transmission device using closed gearbox and belt wheel, smooth transmission, reliable operation; 

4, important components are used high-quality steel

, wear-resistant parts are using high-performance wear-resistant materials, the whole machine wear resistance is high, reliable operation; 

5, the electrical system using centralized control, grinding workshop can basically achieve unmanned operation, and easy maintenance. High-pressure suspension roller Grinder scope of application: high-pressure suspension roller grinder used to crush barite, limestone, ceramics, slag and other Mohs hardness is not greater than 9.3, humidity under 6% non-flammable and explosive mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials of high-fine pulverizing processing, the product granularity in 80-425 Mesh Range Adjustment (the thinnest 1000 mesh).

The machine can be added by adding special devices, can produce 30-80 of the purpose of coarse powder. High pressure grinder inside the mainframe, the grinding roller hanger is tight with the inherent 1000-1500 kg pressure of the high pressure spring. After starting the work, the grinding roller rotates around the spindle, and under the dual action of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, close to the grinding ring rotation, its rotation pressure is 1.2 times times higher than the Ramon Mill under the same dynamic conditions, so the output is greatly improved. When the grinding material into the grinding cavity, by the shovel shovel into the grinding roller and the grinding ring between the milling, after the milling of the powder with the blower of the circulating wind into the analyzer, qualified fine powder with the airflow into the Cyclone collector collection is the finished product, large particulate matter particles fall back to the heavy grinding. The circulating wind returns to the blower and repeats the above process, and the and enters the bag type precipitator to purify. When the grinding roller and grinding ring reach a certain wear and tear, adjust the length of the high-pressure spring to maintain a constant milling pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

In order to ensure a stable yield and fineness.

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