Suitable range for pendulum milling machine
Nov 27, 2018

(1) soil.

Clay, porcelain soil, bentonite, ling bitter soil, clay and bauxite. 

(2) Non-metallic ores.

Gypsum, talc, graphite, fluorite, calcite, limestone, following stone, barite, apatite, silica limestone, feldspar and quartz. 

(3) Metal oxides.

Manganese iron ore, chromite, ilmenite and bauxite. 

(4) Chemical composites.

Coke, lime coke, smelting coke and barium sulfate. 

(5) Other. Pendulum Mill products can be used in many industries, such as metallurgical industry with magnesium powder as blast furnace refractory layer, oil mining with barite powder pressure seal nozzle, with bentonite powder pulp as a lubricant for drilling, chemical light industry with different stone powder for rubber, plastics, paper, paint filler; ceramics in the building materials industry, glass, enamel, white cement,

Gypsum, diamond bitter soil products are raw materials are pendulum grinding processing.

(6) Pendulum mill is mainly used for grinding Mohs hardness under 7 levels, humidity below 6% of a variety of non-flammable, explosive mineral materials.

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