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3 Tips When Setting Stone Crushing Plant
Dec 12, 2018

With the development of social modernization, the demand for raw materials for construction like aggregates has increased dramatically. However, a stone crushing plant requires a huge investment even tens of millions dollars, so customers need to choose the suitable equipment carefully. Here are 3 tips that need to pay attention.

First of all, environmental protection must be paid attention to. In the international arena, environmental protection has become the top priority of each country. Therefore, the environmental performance of the equipment must be taken into consideration when selecting the sand and gravel aggregate production line equipment. If not, the loss is imaginable.

Secondly, we must consider the energy-saving performance of the production line. The operation of the sand-grain aggregate production line is the same as driving us. The more energy-efficient production line is equivalent to the lower fuel consumption. A little bit of difference in energy efficiency is a big expense for a production line that operates 24 hours a day. And with the increasingly fierce competition in the sand and gravel industry, relatively cheap costs can give companies a greater competitive advantage.

Thirdly, we must consider the consumption of wearing parts. Wearing parts costs in stone crushing plant is an important part of operating costs. If the equipment selected is not suitable, the consumption of consumables will greatly increase the operating cost of the production line. Therefore, when selecting equipment, not only the price of the equipment but also the replacement period of the wearing parts and the replacement cost should be considered.


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