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Advantages Of Grinding Machines
Nov 27, 2018

The mill has a small footprint, the finished particle size sieve rate can reach 99%, the main transmission balance, low noise, simple installation, maintenance, reliable operation, multi-stage separation and dust removal, pollution-free and other advantages.

Suitable for dry ultra-fine powder processing of mineral materials, it is an ideal equipment for grinding industry, especially suitable for small enterprises.

Horizontal Ball Type: 

Horizontal ball mill is silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metals, quartz sand and glass ceramics and other production industries for dry or wet grinding key equipment. Working principle: This machine is horizontal cylindrical rotating device, outer edge gear, sprocket or belt drive, two-barn lattice ball mill. Material by the feeding machine through the feed hollow shaft spiral evenly into the first position of the ball mill, containing three different specifications of the ball, cylinder rotation generated centrifugal force will be the ball to a certain height after the fall, the material to produce a heavy blow and grinding effect. Material in the first position to reach rough grinding, through the single-layer compartment plate into the second position, the warehouse is equipped with four different specifications of the ball, the material further grinding. The powdery material is discharged through the sieve plate of the outlet, and enters the vibrating screen powder machine for grading to complete the grinding operation. Structural characteristics: The machine by the feeder, the discharge department, the rotary part, the transmission department, the grading department and other major parts of the composition.

Hollow Shaft using steel castings, lining can be made according to user requirements, equipment running smoothly, reliable work.

Silicon Shi Type: 

The mill is the key equipment after the material is broken and then crushed. Ball Mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractories, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal dressing and glass ceramics and other production industries, a variety of ores and other abrasive materials for dry or wet grinding. The machine is composed of the main parts such as feed part, discharge part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electronic control) and so on. Hollow Shaft using steel castings, lining can be removable, rotary large gears using casting hobbing processing, cylinder body with wear-resistant lining plate, with good wear resistance.

The machine runs smoothly and the work is reliable.

Column type:

Column Mill Series products are used in power plant limestone pulverizing, metal ore iron ore ultra-fine, cement slag pre-grinding, non-metallic ore gypsum grinding, phosphorus ore grinding. 

1, column Grinder-The working principle of Deep Xiang column mill the deep Xiang-column mill adopts the principle of roller pressure grinding with continuous repeated pressure, and the structure is simple and scientific. The upper drive of the column grinder, drive the spindle rotation, so that the roller in the ring conical lining rotation (rollers, lining between the gap adjustable, do not touch), the material from the upper part into, rely on self-weight and the upper push between the roller and the lining plate to form a material layer, the material layer by the roller of the milling of the powder, and finally from the lower part of the

Because the roller only does the regular rotation and rotation, the material layer force mainly comes from the extrusion force and the pressure given by the elastic device, and the roller wheel only does the regular rotation and rotation, thus avoids the roller and the lining plate due to the impact of the loss and wear, so the energy saving and consumption reduction effect of the Deep Xiang column mill is very obvious.  

2, Column grinder-Deep Xiang column Mill structure 

1) The gap between the roller and the lining can be adjusted according to the particle size requirements of the grinding material.  

2) The discharge device can adjust the stay time in the material grinding, so as to control the grinding particle size.

3) The external spring is the source of extrusion pressure, through adjustment can change the pressure size. 

3, Column grinder-Deep xiang column grinder compared with other grinding equipment has the following characteristics: 

1) large amplitude, low production costs, 

2) the consumption of consumables is very small, can reduce production costs, but also to reduce the special requirements of iron pollution (iron pollution can be reduced to two out of 10,000) 

3) fine adjustable, can strictly control the product range; 

4) Small size, simple and convenient installation, can save civil investment; 5) low noise, less dust, good environmental protection effect, 6) Good mechanical properties, simple operation, easy maintenance;  

4, column Grinder-The main technical parameters of the Deep Xiang column mill (taking magnetite as an example) column grinder-The effect of Deep Xiang column mill on iron ore process ①, as a new type of ultra-fine shredding (coarse grinding) equipment, Deep Xiang Column Grinder column Mill single machine output is large, crushing efficiency is high, product granularity adjustment is convenient. ②, column grinder-Deep xiang column grinder broken relatively large, after the coarse grinding of deep Xiang column mill ore under 5mm, the material has been basically powdery, deep Xiang column mill grinding material particle grade distribution is reasonable, the ore dissociation is sufficient, the waste production rate is high, can greatly reduce the proportion of ball grinding materials and ore granularity, improve the production capacity of the system; ③,  Deep Xiang Column mill and other main auxiliary equipment (ball mill, powder separator, hoist, etc.), can achieve the best grinding effect of the whole system. ④, wearing parts wear-resistant performance is good.  The wearing parts are made of high wear-resistant alloy steel with special heat treatment, so the wear resistance is good and the steel consumption is low. ⑤, easy to operate and maintain.

Compared with a variety of foreign large vertical grinding and other domestic grinding equipment, Deep Xiang column mill easy to operate, high operating rate, easy maintenance. 5, to sum up, column grinder-Deep Xiang column mill in the iron ore industry has a wide range of prospects, from investment, power consumption, media wear, material moisture adaptability and other aspects, is the current technical level and technological conditions under the most ideal pre-grinding equipment.

To the system of energy saving, reduce production costs and improve the quality of concentrate effective, for enterprises to create a greater profit space, the overall improvement of China's metal mining development and utilization of resource efficiency, economic benefits and social benefits.

DMC Type: 

DMC Grinder is a new type of grinder with spindle autobiographical grinding roller rotation, multi-layer grinding and concentrated powder selection. The DMC grinder only solves the rotation (horsepower) of a kind of workmanship grinding roller when it is in operation. DMC Grinder and Ramon Mill workmanship is not the same: Ramon grinding work is mainly grinding ring and grinding roller to achieve material extrusion (shear: grinding roller and grinding ring is cross line contact) with the feed (commonly known as the blade device to feed the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, so that the material in the middle of the grinding roller and grinding ring between the friction increased resulting in wear-resistant parts loss), DMC grinder and ball mill workmanship is not the same way, ball mill to do working hours, grinding body (steel ball or steel section) is mainly point contact, operation of the equipment itself and materials at the same time need to power drive together, so the power consumption is also large. DMC Grinder and vertical grinding compared to the same, vertical grinding work is the driving force to drive the grinding disc and material operation, grinding roller is passive rotation, such a large bearing, the need for power is also large. The DMC Grinder is a new type of grinder which synthesizes the advantages and disadvantages of the above mill.

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