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Classification Of Rock Crusher
Nov 27, 2018

Rock Crusher According to the type is divided into jaw type crusher, counterattack crusher, Hammer Crusher, cone crusher, Impact crusher and so on 5 kinds. 

Such a variety of crusher are suitable for which situation, the following detailed introduction: When the grain size of the rock in the 125mm-1020mm between, can be done through the jaw crusher rough crushing, the rock granularity to do rough crushing operations, when the feed granularity is small, you can use a counterattack crusher, The feed granularity of the counterattack crusher is between 100-500mm, and the biggest advantage is that the outlet can be adjusted automatically, which can be adjusted automatically according to the needs of the user. Hammer crusher is generally used to break coal and lime and other materials. Cone crusher crushing ratio is large, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product granularity, suitable for crushing and finely shredded all kinds of ore, rock. Impact Crusher has small energy consumption, high yield, large crushing ratio, plastic function, product cubic shape, large stacking density, suitable for fine shaping and mechanism sand.

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