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Common Problems And Solutions For Sand And Gravel Production Lines
Feb 14, 2019

The gravel production line is an indispensable equipment in mining machinery . It plays a major role in the whole sand making process. The performance of the sandstone production line equipment directly affects the efficiency and output of the work. Before we learn the stone production line equipment problems, we must know the machine body , so as to save more time and create more benefits.

1. There are several common problems, some of which are often seen. If the equipment is warming up, check the bearings and replace the lubricant regularly.

2. Bearing temperature rise reason: Under normal circumstances, it is caused by bearing cooling water pressure and flow rate, and should be adjusted regularly.

3. During the installation of the sand and gravel production line and the test run, the distance between the end cover and the shaft must be adjusted. Especially during the load work, it should be checked regularly and adjusted in time to prevent the friction from rising.

4. Causes of equipment vibration: First look at whether the rotor is unbalanced, and the other is to check the impact and unevenness of the material. Under normal circumstances, the sandstone tea line in normal work. When the vibration will change significantly, as long as the material is added to the contact point, it will slowly become normal.

Regardless of which of the sandstone production lines, you should refer to the common problem descriptions provided by the sand and gravel production line manufacturers to avoid affecting the work of the equipment in case of improper operation. The sand and gravel production line manufacturers recommend the equipment should have a regular maintenance to ensure efficient equipment work.

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