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Counter-attack Rock Crusher
Nov 27, 2018

Introduction to the performance of the Counterattack Crusher: The counterattack crusher is divided into single-rotor counterattack crusher, double-rotor counterattack crusher and single-stage hammer counterattack crusher and composite plastic counterattack breaker, the counterattack crusher (counterattack break) can deal with a variety of coarse, medium and fine material ores with a particle size not less than 120-500 mm and a compressive strength of not more than 320 MPa

, rocks (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.).

Rock crusher is widely used in hydropower, expressway, artificial gravel material, crushing and other industries.

Rock crusher Crushing structure is unique, equipped with high chromium plate hammer, unique counterattack liner, suitable for hard rock crushing, high efficiency and energy saving, the size of discharge granularity adjustable, can simplify the crushing process, but also has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, product shape cube, selective crushing and so on.

Main advantages of Rock crusher:

1. Simple construction, small size, light weight, large production capacity, so the cost is low.

2. The ore is broken along the joint surface, so the power consumption is less and the efficiency is high.

3. Crushing ratio is large, up to 40, so can simplify the crushing process, can make three pieces of fragmentation into two or a piece of crushing, reduce the cost of the dressing plant equipment. 4. It has selective crushing effect, and the particle size of the broken product is more uniform, the shape is mostly cube stone. For bridge construction, high-speed road construction, wharf, airport Construction has a wide range of applications.

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