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EM73 Vertical Grinding Machine
Nov 27, 2018

Vertical grinding machine structure and grinding principle.

1, vertical grinding machine structure. 

The cylinder body of the vertical grinder is cylindrical, the upper part is conical, with a dynamic separator at the top of the cone, a drive device, gearbox and hydraulic device at the bottom of the grinder, a grinding element inside, a pressure ring, a grinder yoke, etc., grinding elements including a lower grinding ring, grinding ball and upper grinding ring, grinding elements for metal castings, high abrasion resistance, grinding ball for hollow spherical , the outer diameter has 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm and other different sizes, according to the system capacity is different, with different sizes of grinding balls, the grinder is generally equipped with 5 grinding balls. The pressure ring is used to secure the upper grinding ring, and the pressure ring can move vertically and freely within the body, which can prevent the foreign body from clogging and damage the grinding element. The mill yoke is the connecting parts of the lower grinding ring and the transmission device. The middle of the grinder is equipped with a maintenance door. In addition, the grinder is equipped with a hydraulic oil supply system and a gearbox oil supply system.

Vertical grinding cylinder body is a closed unit, in this unit can be grinding, separation and transportation at the same time, the grinder for continuous operation.

2, vertical grinding machine grinding principle. 

The grinding pressure comes from the hydraulic device installed in the grinder, the hydraulic cylinder tensioning rope transmits traction to the spring tensioner inside the grinder, the spring tensioning frame distributes the grinding pressure evenly to the pressure ring, the upper and lower grinding ring and the grinding ball, so that the upper and lower grinding ring and the grinding ball rotate, and then the granules in the grinder are ground into powder, The fineness of the grinding can be adjusted during operation by adjusting the rotor speed of the dynamic separator. When foreign bodies (such as stones, iron blocks, etc.) enter the grinder, they are automatically separated during the grinding process and are discharged into the discharge door for collection.

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