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How To Solve The Faults Of Sand Making Machine
Jan 25, 2019

The sand making machine is also called vertical shaft impact crusher. It is based on the introduction foreign technology and further absorbs the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher. The equipment is the core equipment of construction, mining, metallurgy industry and highway, railway, bridge, hydropower, mineral grinding and mechanism sand industry at home and abroad, then how to solve the problem of sand making machine in the sand production line?

Abnormal vibration in operation

1. The material entering the sand making machine is too large. Please check the feed size.

2. The impeller is unevenly worn. Check the wear condition of the impeller and the alloy hammer. If there is wear, repair or replace it if necessary.

3. The impeller is unbalanced and needs to be adjusted.

4. The foundation is not properly handled. Please check and tighten the foundation bolts.

Large discharge size

1. Check the wear of the alloy hammer of the sand making machine, and repair or replace the hammer.

2. Check the wear of the impact plate and replace it if necessary.

3. Check the feed size of the machine. If the feed size is too large, the products size will also be affected.


Bearing heating

1. The bearing of sand making machine lacks oil, and check and refuel in time: the oil level must be checked when refueling, because too much oil will also make the bearing heat.

2. The bearing is damaged. Please check and replace the bearing in time.

3. The upper cover of the bearing body is too tight. The bolts should be adjusted to an appropriate tightness.

The above is the relevant solution for the failure of the sand making machine in the sand production line. I believe it will help the sand making manufacturers to further improve the production efficiency and reduce the equipment failure rate.


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