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Is The Effect Of The Linear Screen Poor? These Four Aspects Should Be Noted
Jan 18, 2019

Linear screen is a kind of equipment commonly used in mining machinery, but some customers report that the effect of the machine is not good. In fact, the screening process and effect of the linear vibrating screen are related to many factors, including the nature of the material, the motion parameters of the machine, screen performance, and the operation and management of the screening equipment.

The particle size characteristics, moisture, mud content, shape and density of the material all affect the screening effect of the linear screen. The higher the proportion of particles in the material that easily pass through the mesh, the better the screening effect. The combined water and adsorbed water in the material will not affect the screening process, but the external moisture of the material will affect the screening. When dealing with high moisture materials, it is conceivable to increase the screening efficiency by appropriately increasing the screen mesh size.

If the material contains agglomerated clay minerals, screening is difficult even if the material moisture is low. Since the clay minerals are agglomerated, a large amount of fine particulate material is adhered to the sieve, resulting in a decrease in the screening efficiency. In addition, the agglomerated material is easy to block the sieve, and it is difficult to remove the sieve once it is blocked. At this time, it is possible to remove powder or desliming before sieving, or to spray water on the material moving along the screen surface.

The shape of the particles also affects the efficiency of the linear screen. For square or circular screen meshes, flat or long squares are more difficult to screen through; spherical, cubic and polygonal materials are better.

The motion parameters of the linear screen, including the screen inclination angle, the vibration direction angle, the amplitude, the vibration frequency, and the moving speed of the material all affect the screening effect. The feeding requirements of the screening equipment are uniform, continuous and appropriate, ensuring that the material is evenly distributed along the entire width of the screen surface, which is favorable for the screening of fine particles, thereby obtaining higher processing capacity and screening efficiency.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the screen machine, timely clean, repair and replace the screen mesh to ensure the integrity of the equipment.

A linear screen not only needs have good quality, but also needs to be used properly, so as to ensure the maximum effect of the equipment and bring the greatest benefit to the customers.


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