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Mobile Crushing Plant Helps To Recycle Construction Waste
Dec 14, 2018

With the development of the economy, concrete has surpassed cement to become one of the most demanding building materials on the market. However, with the advancement of urbanization, construction waste has become an urgent problem for cities. The concrete in construction waste has high recovery value and is a good substitute for natural sand. However, the treatment of concrete solid waste on the market currently has problems such as low resource utilization rate and small added value of products. Therefore, how to realize the recycling of concrete waste has become a major issue for concrete industry. 

As a leader in the sand and gravel industry, Henan Sankay has been committed to the recycling and utilization of concrete waste in recent years. The high-efficiency mobile crushing plant developed by our company can directly treat construction waste on the site, and after being crushed, sieved and shaped, it can be made into recycled sand aggregate and concrete admixture, which realizes the on-site utilization of construction waste. Sankay mobile crushing plant for construction waste can complete the sorting, removing iron, crushing, screening, conveying and other functions in one stop, greatly improving production efficiency and recycling of construction waste. In addition, our team of engineers will redesign the crushing station according to the customer's finished product requirements, and customize their own intelligent mobile crushing plant for customers.

The resource utilization of waste concrete in construction has become an inevitable trend to promote the green development of the city, and has become a hot investment project in the current construction aggregate market. Let us to work with you to achieve success and contribute to the sustainable development.


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