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Sand Collecting Machine Helps Improve The Efficiency Of Sand Making Plant
Dec 29, 2018

As various countries have higher requirements for environmental protection, some small and even medium-sized production lines are unable to meet environmental protection requirements, which has led to different levels of sand and stone prices rising due to insufficient supply. Sand and gravel are essential raw materials for infrastructure construction, and aggregate prices affect all aspects of social development. In such a severe situation, the high recovery rate of the sand after treatment is particularly important. The fine sand collecting machine solves this problem well.

Most large and medium-sized quarries, sand washing plants and sand making plants use water to wash aggregates, which leads to the loss of a part of the finished sand from the sand washing machine. In particular, the loss rate of fine sands below 0.16-0.2mm is the most serious, and the loss rate is as high as 20% or more. This causes unreasonable gradation, reduced quality of mechanical sand products, environmental pollution and high cleaning costs.

In order to solve the above problems, SANKAY has absorbed advanced technology and combined with the actual situation of sand powder to design an advanced fine sand extraction device, which is widely used in hydropower station, sand and gravel aggregate processing system, glass raw material processing system, artificial sand making plant. It can effectively solve the problem of fine sand recovery. As a new type of fine sand recycling equipment, many companies have not recognized its role before and regard it as dispensable equipment. As environmental protection requirements become more stringent, more and more companies are recognizing the importance of fine sand collecting machine and the benefits it brings. Fine sand recycling machines also have an increasingly broad market.


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