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The Difference Between Wheeled And Crawler Mobile Crushing Plant
Feb 14, 2019

In recent years, the development of mobile crushing plants has been rapid, and there is a tendency to exceed the fixed crushing line. In the existing market, there are crawler mobile crushing plant and wheeled mobile crushing stations. The overall design of these two crushing stations is a combination of feeding, crushing, conveying and other process equipment, showing the common features of unit integration. In addition, it is flexible, and get rid of the installation work, reduce the consumption of material and working hours. So what are the differences between the two mobile crushing stations?


1, the overall design

The most intuitive difference is the overall design difference. The design of the wheeled mobile crushing station is not compact in the space arrangement, and the external belt conveyor of most products is almost touched when moving, the safety cannot be completely guaranteed, and the weight of the chassis is relatively light and small.

The crawler mobile crushing plant has a compact and flexible space arrangement and reasonable configuration of each module.


2, mobile performance

The wheeled mobile crushing station can easily realize free walking, pivot steering, transportation, climbing, etc., but generally does not have a walking drive system, the degree of automation is not high, and it needs to be driven by the truck head. It is convenient to transport during long-distance transition, which is convenient for ordinary roads and does not damage the road surface.


The crawler mobile crushing station adopts the crawler driving method, and the automation degree is high. The walking control system generally adopts the remote control, which can easily drive the crushing station to the trailer and the long-distance transition by the trailer. It is flexible in short-distance transitions and can be turned around on rough terrain.


3, stability

The wheeled crushing station needs to increase the stability of the whole equipment through the hydraulic legs provided under the frame. And due to the characteristics of all-wheel drive, the tire has certain limitations on the choice of the foundation of the work site. After the equipment arrives, it is necessary to adjust and prepare the site and equipment accordingly.

The crawler mobile crushing plant has a large tonnage, a low center of gravity and is in contact with the ground by the track. The grounding area is large and the stability is good. The requirements for the working site are not high, and it is almost all-terrain adaptation. Therefore, once the equipment arrives at the work site, it can be put into work immediately, without assembly time.


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