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Which Is Better For Crushing Hard Stone, Cone Crusher Or Jaw Crusher?
Jan 04, 2019

In the crushing process of aggregates, it is generally required to combine primary crushing and fine crushing to complete the stone crushing plant. The primary crushing is usually use jaw crusher, and the medium or fine crushing equipment has jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher for choice. When dealing with hard stone, jaw crusher and cone crusher are always adopted. So, which is better? Let's find the difference between them:

1. The processing capacity is different. The output of a single cone crusher can reach three or four hundred tons, while the output of a single fine jaw crusher can only reach tens of tons. Therefore, for the same output, the output that can be completed by a cone crusher can be achieved by two or even four fine jaw crushers.


2. The costs are different. Compared with the cone crusher, the price of jaw crusher is very low. The price of four fine jaw crushers is far less than the price of a cone. At the same time, the price of spare parts is also very different. The price of a set of mantle and bowl liner is much higher than the price of one set or even several sets of jaw plates. This has also become an important reason for many customers to choose jaw crushers as a secondary crusher.


3. The discharge sizes are different. The cone crusher has a variety of crushing chambers including coarse, medium, fine and superfine chamber. The user can select the appropriate chamber according to the actual situation. Generally, the discharge size of cone crusher is thinner than that of the jaw crusher, so if the customer requires a finer particle size, the cone crusher is a better choice.

In summary, jaw crusher and cone crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages in crushing hard stone. What kind of equipment should be used depends on the actual raw material situation, customer requirements and project budget. If you need it, contact us, we arrange professional and technical personnel to customize the complete drawing design for you.

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